School Swimwear

Get expert advice on school swimwear in Australia.

We have 30 years experience with making school swimwear. 

This background has enabled us to develop school swimwear styles that are ideally suited to a school environment. Typically school swimwear will require a broad range of sizes and modesty is paramount. What we manufacture for a surf club or university team may not work for a high school team and vice versa.

Our custom solutions give you unrivalled choice combined with performance and durability. You have the benefit of our extensive experience to guide you into the the gear that best suits your individual team needs.

our experience doesn’t end with swimwear…

Besides the design and manufacturing of school swimwear our lengthy relationships with retailers, Australia rep teams and corporate clients together with our background in school sports has ensured we have expertise across a wide variety of sporting codes.

Custom sportswear for teams and supporters is what we are all about. We do not have a retail range or our our own label to push. You the clients are our focus.

From our base in the Sydney region we service clients large and small Australia wide.

For all enquiries or to obtain a quote call us on 0417 278 678 or email now.

Our sports:


Water polo




Team wear– co-ordinating players and supporters gear from Entity Brands and others.