About Alt. Sport Apparel:

We make custom sportswear

Designer/patternmaker Anton Curnow has been working with custom sportswear since 1988. He established Alt.Sport Apparel Services in 2004 after working for other labels for 18 years. It was high time to work on his own projects. As you would expect from such a lengthy work history Anton has an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the garment industry. His extensive experience takes in not just custom sportswear but also the retail sector. He has worked with school, corporate and event management clients.

Since 2004 he has built up a large client list. Many have been with Alt.Sport Apparel from the outset. Anton has been involved in a diverse array of projects as designer/manufacturer. As a consultant he is regularly advising other labels on aspects of design and production.

Anton is an outdoor adventure enthusiast and sportsman (with the sun spots to prove it) He developed the Hikenbiker collection of merino wool clothing in 2006. Although it has since been discontinued it had a cult following in it’s day. Anton continues to expand his apparel knowledge to include newly emerging sports and activities.

Alt. Sport Apparel is Australian owned and the bulk of the production is done locally. Our preference is always for Australian production. Sometimes it’s just not possible however. Having commenced working with garment factories in Asia in 1989, Anton has now very long established links with overseas factories. Therefore he is ideally placed to determine the most appropriate site for your production.

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Spotted in his natural habitat…